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Job Creation Program برنامج خلق فرص عمل


UNRWA Job Creation Programme is a part of Gaza Field Office’s Emergency Programme designed to help alleviate food insecurity and poverty in the Gaza Strip by providing short term employment to unemployed refugees living in poverty.

Through this emergency employment programme, UNRWA hires people throughout the Gaza Strip to fill posts at UNRWA installations, selected Community Based Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Municipalities; selected partners in the private sector, and independent projects.

Most positions are of three months duration thereby maximizing the number of beneficiaries. Contract length may increase to six months or one year for skilled and professional contractors in order to build capacity and experience and better serve the needs of employers for jobs that require significant training investments.

Through this programme, beneficiaries are able to earn a small amount of money in a dignified way to support their livelihoods and cover household expenditures.

UNRWA’s innovative approach creates employment opportunities for youth, women, disabled persons and other vulnerable groups, promoting and hiring those most in need.

UNRWA’s JCP has adopted a Gender Mainstreaming Strategy, with a special focus on the most vulnerable, women-headed households, and recent female graduates.


Job Creation Programme JCP:

The JCP is an emergency employment scheme. The JCP provides temporary employment within UNRWA programmes or with external partners. The JCP aims to provide job opportunities on a regular basis to a maximum number of applicants throughout the Gaza strip.

Graduate Training Programme GTP:

The GTP is an emergency on-the-job training programme. The GTP provides temporary employment opportunities for young university graduates within UNRWA programmes or with external partners. The GTP aims at providing training opportunities to a limited number of applicants throughout the Gaza Strip.


Eligibility Criteria for the Job Creation Programme (JCP):

  • All refugees eligible for UNRWA services are eligible to apply for a JCP position except when the applicant has a permanent job such as working for UNRWA, the PA or any other employer
  • Only applicants meeting the above criteria and whose families have been identified as abject or absolute poor through UNRWA’s PMTF based poverty benchmarking mechanism will be eligible for nomination to job opportunities. However, for skilled and professional candidates, in case no poor applicant can be found for a particular job in a particular area, non poor unemployed candidates may be considered.
  • The date of application determines the place in the nomination queue for these eligible (poor) applicants
  • Local residents may eligible based on exceptional approval from front office
  • All family members between 18 and 60 years of age may apply at any one time. Applicants aged between 60 and 65 may also apply if there is no other eligible person on his/her Ration card.
  • Only one family member may be employed under the program at any one time.
  • In order to ensure that opportunities are offered on a first come / first served basis across specializations, eligible applicants with a specialization that is not in demand will have their files linked to generic jobs that are more in demand (see Annex A – master specialization / jobs document). This means that they will not only be in the queue with others with their own specializations for a job that matches it, but will also at the same time be in queues for other jobs more in demand within their geographical areas.
  • There must be a minimum of six months between the expiration of a contract for a family and the signature of a new contract.
  • Abandoned Women still on the RC of their husbands will be treated as a separate family upon validation of their case through the existing Appeals mechanism

Eligibility Criteria for the Graduate Training Programme (GTP):

  • All families eligible for UNRWA services are eligible for the Graduate Training Programme, including eligible family members of UNRWA or PA staff members’.
  • University graduates who have graduated within three years of the current year may apply for a GTP opportunity (Three years starting on 1 September of the year of graduation).
  • Nomination for GTP opportunities is determined on academic merit, with those applicants meeting the above criteria with the highest graduation marks being selected on a priority basis.
  • Young graduates who can demonstrate that they have already been employed for a period of one year may be considered for JCP eligibility
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